Updated Articles

  1. ONC 2015 Edition CMS EHR Certification ID Updated

    The product's CMS EHR Certification ID is 0015CLW1C173HRM . This ID is required for attesting Promoting Interoperability scores to CMS and Medicaid. You can always access this ID from within the product following these steps: Click on the R...
  2. Provide Electronic Access Updated

    How to provide patients with electronic access to view, download and transmit their health information to meet the MIPS Electronic Access Measure.
  3. Check Your MIPS Participation Status Updated

    How to determine MIPS clinician eligibility.
  4. Electronically Prescribe Medications Updated

    How to electronically prescribe medications to meet the MIPS ePrescribing Objective and Measure.
  5. Viewing Clinician Promoting Interoperability Scores Updated

    How to view Clinician/Group MIPS Promoting Interoperability Performance Category score.
  6. Refunds/Credits Screens Details

  7. Refunds/Credits

  8. MIPS Dashboard

  9. Release 23.17 - October 5th, 2023

    Executive Summary Patient Search Display Recent Patients  Release Note | Documentation New Features and Updates General Patient Search E15471 - Display Recent Patients:   This new feature builds a ...
  10. Last Patient Search Feature Overview (Recent Patients list) New

    Patient Last Search feature ( Recent Patients list ) The new Patient Last Search feature builds a Recent Patients list  that is comprised of the last 10 patients that the logged in user has searched for and opened  from ...