Adding the Dialysis Census Report

  1. Go to the Reports section, then under EMR select Connect.
  2. Click the icon with a plus sign in the toolbar to create a new Connect report entry.

  3. When asked to select the Report, scroll under the Patient header and find Dialysis Census. Note that there are no parameters, so enter a description and click Next:

  4. Select the desired fields for the report to show, or simply select 'All.' Then hit 'Finish,' then 'Close,' to complete adding the report. The available fields are as follows:

    1. Chart: The chart number from the patient's account. 
    2. Location: The location where this patient receives dialysis. 
    3. Patient Name: The name of the patient receiving dialysis. 
    4. Primary Ins: The current active primary insurance of the patient. 
    5. Schedule: The schedule for this patient's dialysis, in the format 'SMTWTFS.' 
    6. Secondary Ins: The current active secondary insurance of the patient. 
    7. Shift: The dialysis shift the patient is assigned to. 
    8. Tertiary Ins: The current active tertiary insurance of the patient. 
    9. Visit Count: The number of dialysis visits the patient has had so far in the current month.