OfficeEMR Mobile

Access to the OfficeEMR Mobile Application

The OfficeEMR Mobile application is a free-add- on to the OfficeEMR solution suite. However, users must be granted access to the application by their practice. Also, certain features may not be available to all users.


The Patients menu item allows a user to search and find any patient chart in the entire practice. Once in the patient's chart, you will have access to features like writing prescriptions, accessing notes, and much more.


The schedule will give a user access to their own personal schedule or allow a user to switch between schedules. Depending on your needs, you may also use the schedule to manager your Hospital Rounding list or your Dialysis Rounding list.


A high-level overview of practice financials and claim productivity are available at a glance.

Office Mail

The Office Mail menu item allow a user to access their inbox, sent folder, and deleted folder for office communications. Users can even initiate new messages and reply as needed.


The Tasks menu item provides quick access to common tasks completed on the go for the logged in user including reviewing scanned documents and completing charge tickets.