Overview of the Days To Sign Report

The Days To Sign Off report provides the ability to produce and export data for report building in Excel. The data elements allow the user to see the number of days it takes a provider to sign-off a note. This includes workflows where a mid-level provider signs a note (secondary signing) and the note is automatically/manually tasked to a supervising physician for review/signature (primary signing). The report allows users to set a desired encounter date range which relies upon claim/encounter/soap note data to compile. Users can also run for selected provider(s) or select All Providers. 

Recommendation: This report reviews a large amount of data, per encounter. In order to prevent system time-outs and generation failures due to performance/resource limitations, it is recommended that you run this for current date ranges, like the last week or 30 days, and limit historical reporting to a single provider and/or perform outside normal production (business) hours.