Dialysis Productivity

Introduction to the Dialysis Productivity Report

Given a date range, the Dialysis Productivity report dialysis census report provides a list of the dialysis visits that occurred, with information about the location, shift, provider, patient, and whether the visit was comprehensive and/or has been signed off on. 

Adding the Dialysis Productivity Report

  1. Go to the Reports section, then under EMR select Connect.
  2. Click the icon with a plus sign in the toolbar to create a new Connect report entry.

  3. When asked to select the Report, scroll under the Patient header and find Dialysis Productivity Report. Then fill out the parameter list as follows:

    1. Start Date: The starting date for the range of dialysis visits the user would like to review..  
    2. End Date: The ending date for the range of dialysis visits the user would like to review.

  4. Select the desired fields for the report to show, or simply select 'All.' Then hit 'Finish,' then 'Close,' to complete adding the report. The available fields are as follows:

    1. Comprehensive: Denotes whether the dialysis visit was comprehensive.
    2. Date: The date of the dialysis visit. 
    3. Location: The location where this patient received dialysis. 
    4. Shift: The dialysis shift the patient is assigned to. 
    5. Signed: Denotes whether the dialysis visit is signed. 
    6. First Name: The first name of the patient receiving dialysis.
    7. Chart: The chart number of the patient receiving dialysis.
    8. Last Name: The last name of the patient receiving dialysis. 
    9. Provider: The provider who rendered dialysis services.

Running the Dialysis Productivity Report

To run this report, perform the following steps:

  1. If you just created the Dialysis Productivity Connect report, click the refresh icon on the toolbar:

  2. Select the created report in the list.
  3. Click the drop-down next to the hammer and wrench icon on the toolbar. Then click Run Report.

  4. You should see the results on your screen. If desired, you can click the Excel icon at the top to export these results: