MDR-iSalus Integration

As of January 1st, 2022, the HealthWatch CCM team started utilizing MDRevolution (MDR) software to document all CCM visits and capture patient billing. iSalus built an integration to MDR in order for clients to receive their CCM documents and claims directly into their databases. This article outlines commonly asked questions about the integration and any updates you should expect with this new software.

Q. Do I have to do any setup in my database to activate the integration?

A. No! Our team took the responsibility of ensuring all databases were setup and ready for the integration. You will now see a new user in your database named "MDR Integration," this is required in order to activate the API. We ask that you please do not deactivate or change the password for this user, this will disrupt the integration and will not allow your notes/claims to come through. You also have a new user group called "CCM Escalation Team," this will be explained further in the Q&A. There will also be a new order bluebar and an enrollment screen within patient setup, also explained in more detail further into the Q&A.

Q. When can I expect my CCM notes and claims to appear in my database?

A. Encounters now close on the last day of the month, whereas before they were closed immediately after the call. This allows our team to keep the note open throughout the month, capturing the additional conversations and minutes spent coordinating care for each patient. We often spend more than 20 minutes assisting the patient throughout the month and MDR allows us to capture that time. Due to this improvement, all notes and claims will be available in your billing portal and patient charts between the 5th - 8th of the following month.

Q. Where do I find my CCM claims, has anything changed?

A. Nothing has changed for claims processing, besides timing! Your CCM claims will continue to directly flow into your billing portal, in your list of closed claims. You can expect each all claims to appear on the 5th-8th business day of the month following the prior month close (i.e. for January, all claims should appear around the 5th of February).

Q. Where do I find my CCM visit notes, has anything changed?

A. There are two differences in the CCM visit notes:

  1. Previously you located your CCM visit notes on the timeline under "Health Exchange," the only difference moving forward is notes will now be in eDocuments. Each month your CCM visit notes will be distributed to the Patient Documents cabinet, within the CCM Visit Notes drawer, in the CCM Visit Notes folder. You can access these from the patient timeline, eDocuments in the patient chart, or the eDocuments portal. 
  2. Our notes have a new layout! Previously our SOAP notes were overloaded with excess information, making it difficult for the Provider to identify the most important information from the visit. Our new notes display the most pertinent questions/information at the top of the note, organized in an encounter note based on the timeline in which the care was coordinated. Patient escalations and vitals, when provided, are also visible in a timeline within the CCM note.

Q. How will patient escalations and patient requests be handled with the integration?

A. With our new integration we have the ability to send the practice messages directly from the patient chart in MDR to a CCM escalation team at the practice. We will utilize this method to send patient appointment requests, medication refill requests/questions, lab questions, any escalations the patient had during a visit, and whatever else the patient has requested/any information the practice needs to know about the visit. There is now a "CCM Escalation Team" user group in your database, we suggest you assign your dedicated team members to this user group, they will be the front line in assisting with any patient care coordination.

Q. How can I tell if a patient is enrolled or opted out of the program?

A. You can view your patients eligibility and enrollment status from Patient Setup. Go to Patient Setup, then open the Miscellaneous section, you will see your patient status under "MDRevolution Status." As we enroll and discharge your patients, their status will automatically update.

Q. How do I order CCM for a patient?

A. There will be two options for ordering patients within iSalus:

  1. Eligible patients will continue to be automatically identified through our pop health algorithm, if you're accustomed to ordering patients from the Pop Health MyTask screen, you can continue to do so.
  2. Providers/Clinical Staff now have the option to order CCM for patients directly from the patient chart! The clinical team will order CCM like they order any other lab/service. A new bluebar will be added for CCM services, and the practice should complete the same workflow they do for lab/radiology integrations. More to come on this workflow very soon!