Q. How does HealthWatch gain consent for CCM services?

A. The patient is contacted by our patient care coordination team, where they are explained the program. Once they understand the program they are asked if they would like to consent to setting up their first CCM appointment. The patient is walked through cost sharing, who HealthWatch is, and why they are eligible for the program. Again, at the end of the discussion, their consent is confirmed.

Q. What is my patient consenting to?

A. Patients consent to receiving care coordination through monthly check-in calls with a medical assistant, and mail care coordination.

Q. Does HealthWatch use scripting when gaining patient consent?

A. Yes, each patient care coordinator is provided scripting to speak with each patient. They follow basic guidelines to ensure the patient is provided all necessary information on the program but will also work with each individual to answer any questions they may have. The PCC is there to help the patient understand the benefits of the CCM program and how they can take advantage of their Medicare benefits.

Q. Is a new patient consent required each calendar month, or annually?

A. No, a new consent is only required if the patient changes billing practitioners, in which case a new consent must be obtained and documented by the new billing practitioner prior to furnishing the service

Q. Is a written consent required?

A. No, CMS does not require written consent be obtained to enroll patients into the CCM program, a verbal consent is allowed.