Setup Intake Letter Forms Due Date Rules

By default, Intelligent Intake signature forms (letters) will be required each appointment an intake form is assigned to a patient's appointment. For the signature forms that should only need to be signed once a year, for example, follow these steps to change the form's due date rules:

Setup an Intake Letter's Due Date Rule

  1. Click on the Setup Portal.

  2. Select Letters under EMR Setup.

  3. Select the Intake Letter to create due date rules for.

  4. Click on the Advanced Settings button.

  5. Under the Intake Sign Off Section, Select the Every checkbox and then enter the number of Months the form is valid for (e.g. 12 for 1 year). This setting will only require this form to be signed every 12 months instead of at each visit the intake is assigned to.

  6. Press the Save button.

  7. Repeat this process for any intake signature form that doesn't need to be signed at each visit.