Register for an IdenTrust Mobile Account

The first step in EPCS is registering with IdenTrust.  IdenTrust is the organization that will perform a background check on the user registering and supply the required mobile certification for that user.  This mobile certification acts as the second form of authentication in the "Two Factor Authentication" process.

Things to know before you start:

  • The Mobile Cert will ONLY work in Google Chrome.  If you use Internet Explorer as your primary browser, consider setting up the USB Token instead.
  • Please be aware that IdenTrust charges for their services.  Be sure to have a Credit Card ready to pay for this service.
  • IdenTrust requires a Credit Card and other personal information for the person applying for the token - this is used in the Background Check process.  
  • The pricing in the screenshots below is reflective of IdenTrust's pricing at the time of this article, and may change in the future.

Steps to Register

  1. Click the following link to be taken to iSalus' partner page on IdenTrust's website:

  2. Click Buy Now to get started.
  3. For a Mobile Certificate, selected the following option:  IGC EPCS Basic Assurance Unaffiliated Software - EPCS Prescribing with Mobile Authentication. Then, click Next.

  4. Select the option of 2 Year period and Browser for the storage device. Then, click Next.
  5. Verify your selection and click Buy Now.

  6. On the IdenTrust Application process, select iSalus Healthcare from the Program Affiliation list.  Then, click Next.

  7. Enter your information and click Next

     Be sure to save your account password as you will need this later!

  9. NOTE:
    The Credit Card information entered on this screen is used only for Identity Proofing.  A separate credit ard will be asked for later to purchase the services selected.

  10. Enter the payment information for the services requested. Click Next.

  11. Your registration is now complete and has been sent to IdenTrust.  You should receive an email to continue the process. Click Finish.