Product Roadmap Information


iSalus is always working to improve the OfficeEMR application based on the needs and feedback from our customers.  To that end, we have made our product roadmap available for our customers so that you can have better insight into our plan for the coming months and years.

Important Information

Please be aware of the following when reviewing the roadmap:

  1. Estimates are for development time only: The dates and times provided are estimates of the development effort involved.  These times do not necessarily correspond to when the feature or function will be available.  Generally speaking though, once an item is developed, it is often released 2-4 weeks after that (to allow for testing and release planning).
  2. Dates subject to change: The dates and times are subject to change. A number of factors can change this - modifications to priorities, other projects running longer, or shorter, etc...
  3. Not Comprehensive of all work:  The roadmap provides insight into the major areas of development that we are currently planning to undertake.  This is not representative of every possible change that will occur in the software.  Other smaller projects, bug fixes, etc... will still occur even if they are not explicitly denoted in the roadmap.
  4. Subscribe for Updates:  Because changes can and will occur, we recommend that you subscribe to this article to be notified of major updates.  You can always click on the link below for the most up-to-date roadmap.

Roadmap Access


Please treat this information as confidential and do not share it with others.