Print a Billing Letter

Patient Billing Letters can be printed by finding patients on the Billing Query screen and then choosing to print Patient Letters.


  1. Go to Billing Portal.

  2. Click on Billing Query

  3. Navigate to the second toolbar and click the down arrow next to the hammer and wrench.

  4. Make sure you are in the Patient View for Billing Query.

  5. If you were not displaying patient view click on the magnifying glass again to resort your query into patient view.

  6. Search for Patient.

  7. Click on the Magnifying Glass to search.

  8. Highlight the Patient or Patients that are chosen for letter merge.

  9. Navigate to the second tool bar and click on the down arrow next to the patient index card and click on Letters.

  10. Choose the appropriate billing letter.

  11. Click the Print button.
  12. The letter viewer will then open for you to fax or print letter (s).