Practice Summary

The Practice Summary Report is used for daily, weekly, or any other timeframe to view Charges, Payments, and Adjustments. In addition to this, the report is used to track payment poster productivity to provide insight an visibility into payment posting activity.

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Step-By-Step Instructions

  1.  Open the Billing Portal in the lower left corner.

  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, choose the Practice Summary from the Reporting section.

  3. Set your report date(s) with the date field. Payment Post Date will be the default (Recommended). In addition to this, additional reporting can be done with alternative dates.

  4.  Set any filters if needed, but leaving all fields blank will include all options available.

  5. Click the Search Button to run the Report

  6. Results will now be displayed in different breakouts. To drill-down into a section, right click on the tile to drill-down into a more detailed report or to export / print.

  7. To pull custom Productivity Reports, simply left-click on any of the options in the Productivity Reports tile.

  8. To change any filters and re-run the report, click directly on the date button at the top of the window to open the Search Options screen.