e-Statements Guide

Through our integrated partner, Data Media Associates, we are able to offer electronic statements delivered by email and/or text message. This allows practices the ability to put a statement in front of a patient within hours of submitting a statement batch. Individual patients must be opted in to e-Statements. This is to ensure the patient has expressed consent for electronic statement delivery, there is a valid email address on file, and the patient's security information is entered. The security information is then used for the patient to unlock and open their securely delivered statement.


  1. Implement Data Media Associates as your print and mail vendor
  2. Notify and Coordinate with Data Media to setup your e-Statements profile
  3. Turn on e-Statements in Statement Setup

Opting a Patient in for e-Statements

  1. Open the Patient in Patient Setup
  2. Click to open the Responsible Party tab
  3. Check the box for "Select this box if you would like this patient to have their statements emailed."
  4. Click the drop down to Select Security Type and enter the Security Data